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What should I preach from the pulpit?

Many pulpits today are filled with story telling, religious experiences, current events, death bed stories and felt needs. Does it matter to God what comes from the pulpit each Sunday?

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Christian Living

A Young Mother’s Perspective on Christian Living

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Who am I to further the kingdom of God?” Have you been going through life glad that there are people out there preaching to the lost while you sit at home and read the Bible to yourself? If so, then you and I are a lot alike.

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Members only after show link for The Mindful Soul Podcast

If you are a paid member of Digital Bible Study, you are invited to The Mindful Soul Podcast After Show on Zoom where you can ask questions and/or make comments regarding the show’s topic or any other topic you want to discuss with a Christian counselor.

This is for paid members only of the DBS community , so be sure to tell your friends to subscribe so that they can attend.

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This is a personal ministry of Eric Owens and Jonathan Jenkins. We started our web streaming efforts in about 2002. DBS has been through several phases for the years. Our focus since 2020 has been on our CONNECT series of livestreamed Bible studies. When 2020 turned upside down on all of us, Eric and Jonathan thought that an ongoing series lessons focused on connecting God’s people to Him and each other would be encouraging in hard time. We have been amazed at the reach CONNECT and DBS has had since that point.

We invite you to come along with us in our journey to get to know our our God, our community, and the truth.

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